Dustin Craven

Whats your name?
Dustin Craven

What do people call you?
Usually Craven

Where are you from?
Medicine Hat, Alberta

How many years have you been snowboarding?
20 or so

What was your first snowboard experience?
My grandfather bought a snowboard for the family and after I got my turn on it, I never skied again

What´s your home mountain?
Revelstoke BC

Seems like you will be in the mountains forever… is this the plan?
Im pretty Attached to the small mountain town feeling and being at the Hill in 5 minutes, I don’t see myself ever leaving  

What´s the reason you have continued to keep snowboarding?
Every year I end the season wanting more so its easy after 7 months for winter to come back to always want to go

Are you a guide? or just a just the guy most people follow out there?
Im not a guide, more of just a easy guy to follow around

You have been wearing the L1 Theorem Line the last two winters, why would you tell a friend to pick up some L1 Theorem pieces for the backcountry?
I really like the fit of the gear and as always when you live in a harsh winter climate you need gear that is going to keep you warm dry and safe

When you go out for a day of filming in the Backcountry in BC how long are you usually out there for?
Usually we will go right around sunrise and I like to call it a day way before dark just incase something bad happens and search and rescue can’t fly.

Has your snowboarding changed since you first started filming?
Some of my first parts had park and lots of rails, now its only pow riding and lots more pillows

What movie or projects can we see you in this fall or season?
We have a movie Called OH MAN! the follow up to our video Oh Boy! last winter.

In what way do you want to give back or express yourself within snowboarding?
I like to end my season feeling like I pushed myself and maybe have done something that no one has ever seen before, I like when the sport pushes me and I like to push back

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated on the current state of snowboarding?
Usually its the people that I end up just riding runs with, it so awesome how stoked people can get on snowboarding and they don’t have to be the best rider to get that stoke

Do you have 5 tips for making a day snowboarding better?
Warm Dry Gear
Fresh Pow
A snowmobile
Cold beer

Whats your favourite video part right now to get you excited to go ride?
I really like the powder hounds movies, those guys just ride and have fun