Since the beginning of L1 Premium Goods we have taken great pride in making outerwear for women that fit how a women wants it. A tailored fit with stretch material provides the perfect silhouette while providing the freedom of movement needed to rip around the whole mountain in style. We have been designing and creating women´s outerwear for over a decade with 100% focus on fit and functionality - The Heartbreaker pant has been a best seller for just as long. If we build something that works and fits, we pride ourselves in only progressing it and not changing it to the trends that come and go.

L1 Women´s is something we take great pride in and we would love for you ladies to give us any feedback and follow us on social media so we can build a dialog with each of you to help us to continue to create better products for women who like to be out in the mountains, park, streets, or wherever you want to play. Contact us at @l1_premium_goods and thank you for your passion!