Brantley Mullins

Whats your nickname?
Most people call me Brant

What month is your birthday?

Goofy or Regular?
Regular, but i’m goofy in every other board sport.

What are your current side projects or passions? 
Just trying to get my degree from ETSU!

How many years have you been snowboarding?
13 this season! 

What´s your home mountain?
Beech Mountain in North Carolina

What’s the reason you keep snowboarding?
Snowboarding gives me a creative outlet, it’s a consistently challenging sport that has led me to meet a lot of sick people and go a lot of places that i wouldn’t have otherwise.

What does your L1 set up look like this year (what jacket and pants and colorway)?
This year I’m going between the black Ventura pant and the black axial pant. For jackets i’m rocking the moss/platoon Ventura jacket. 

Do you like the cinched pant leg cuffs on the L1 pants?
Yes! I love that I can still rock the baggie look with functionality.

How has your snowboarding evolved the last few years?
In the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to travel a lot more and I’ve gotten a lot more passionate about improving my style and having the most fun I can on hill. 

What movies or edits can we see you in this season and where can we see it?
Who knows, I’ve got some clips stacked up and I’m waiting for the right project to use them!

In what way do you want to give back or express yourself within snowboarding?
Personally, last season I got to work a bit with organizations like Hoods to Woods and they really changed my perspective on snowboarding. Not everyone has had the opportunities that I have, but everyone deserves the chance to excel at what they love. The people I have gotten to work with have shown me that we need to make this industry more accessible and I would like to work to change that. 

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped on the current state of snowboarding community and/or direction?
Zeb Powell. Zeb is changing how the community is approaching snowboarding. It’s not a competition. Snowboarding is about being creative and having fun with the homies. He’s working to bring people together to make snowboarding a more inclusive sport. 

Whats your favorite thing about L1 Premium Goods?
The people behind it. Everyone is so dedicated to the riders and every rider has a voice in the product, no matter how big or how small.