Justin Phipps


Birth month?


Side projects/ passions?
i’ve been playing a lot of music with my friends lately, we all rent a jam space downtown so it’s fun to go there whenever we can. other than that i’ve been skating a lot when i get out of school.

Years snowboarding?
16 years

Home mountain?

Reason to keep snowboarding?
i keep snowboarding because it’s fun. i’ve had so many memories and made countless amazing friends over the years thanks to snowboarding, i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thoughts on L1´s cinched pant revolution? 
the cinched pant leg is dope!

How has my snowboarding evolved?
it’s hard to say haha. in these last couple years i’ve gotten a chance to go on some more street strips with some awesome people and thats helped me to push myself in a few ways. 

Movies edits i’m in:
this year i got to film with Bryden Bowley so i have some clips in his video coming this Fall. I wont say the name yet, but you wont want to miss this one. other than that i’ll have some clips in a little homie video my friend Dylan is making as well.

Giving back/ expressing myself: 
i guess my way of giving back would be filming a video part the best way i can, and hopefully it’s enough to stoke somebody out haha. at the same time i think it’s important to keep the kids stoked as well. when i was younger i was always motivated by watching video parts and meeting my favorite riders and seeing how cool they were in person. so i try my best to contribute to both.

People that keep me motivated: 
right now i’m really hyped on Jed Anderson, i’ve always been a fan of his riding, but it’s also cool to see how he’s giving back to the community through sharing his experiences with mental health. i think that’s really inspiring. another person i want to mention is Cooper Whittier, he’s been really fun to watch recently, and i’m always waiting to see what footage he comes out with. 

Favorite thing about L1:
my favorite thing about L1 is how they’re always willing to take advice from rider on products. i think that’s something that’s pretty rare nowadays so it’s refreshing to see.