Joe Sexton

Joe Sexton has been a driving force behind the urban/park snowboard scene over the last decade. Known to most snowboarders as the one pushing the limits of what is possible in the streets while filming for his next video part, and always searching for a way to progress snowboarding on and off the mountain. Joe has filmed more first and last parts than most of today´s active snowboarders, but this has never affected his humble and comic personality. L1´s current mastermind Jon Kooley has always been a fan of Joe´s snowboarding and attention to detail on and off the board - so when the opportunity to join up together with L1 came about - the two of them made it happen.

“I’ve known Joe for quite some time, filming together for several years from People to VG. Joe has been a great friend, as well as an inspiration over the past decade, I have watched Joe grow from a hungry kid filming his first part into an icon within the snowboard industry. Joe has a true love for snowboarding and the endless pursuit of perfection. I’m very pleased to have him join the L1 team and I look forward to his insight and creative perspective.” – Jon Kooley

How many years have you been snowboarding?
Probably like 25 years or something, I lost track

What are your current side projects or passions?
Current side projects and passions are working on PUBLIC snowboards, a snowboard company I started about 6 years ago. I have recently been golfing alot, skateboarding, fishing, pickleball, drinking coffee, spending time with my girlfriend and dog 

What´s your home mountain?
Hyland Hills. Minneapolis, MN

What’s the reason you keep snowboarding?
It's the one thing in my life that is constantly on my mind. I am always thinking of tricks or a spot or a way to do something or film something. It's the only constant thing. At this point its so in my DNA that I only think about things other than snowboarding when I am done snowboarding. Its become such an outlet for expression, and super therapeutic for me.

What does your L1 set up look like this year?
I have been running the Straye jacket and the Dyer insulated jacket lately. I have been loving the Axial pant in the Theorem line, as well as the Aftershock pant.

Do you like the new pant leg cuffs the L1 pants?
YES, I do yes, I am not sure if I will grow out of it but right now I am still hyped on the cinch  It makes it have a really nice silhouette.

How has your snowboarding evolved the last few years?

I feel like I maybe want my snowboarding to be a little more tasteful these days. I am not interesting in hitting the biggest scariest thing that may not translate, Now days I try to put a little more thought into the spot and the trick that I am doing 


What movie can we see you in this season and where can we see it?

I have some footage coming out for a PUBLIC X Huf project that will be releasing soon 

In what way do you want to give back or express yourself within snowboarding?
I try to give back to snowboarding through my brand PUBLIC connecting with kids and offering advice or feedback when they reach out makes me feel good. I was also a part of a project called cool meets cause which was a program focused on getting under privileged kids out on the snow and teaching them.

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped on the current stat of snowboarding community and/or direction?
DUSTBOX. Ben Egan. Jeremy Jones. Panic Order. Upper Management. Anyone that is doing something new and keeping things fresh while also progressing snowboarding and making it look cool. 

Whats your favorite thing about L1 Premium Goods?
I really love the product, and the fact that they are willing to listen to the riders. They give me the freedom to be myself and it is such a pleasure working with everyone at the brand. From designing products with Jon Kooley, to shooting photos with Bob Plumb, top to bottom it is such an enjoyable experience and I couldn't be happier riding for and being a part of the brand.

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped on the current state of the snowboard community and/or direction?
There are actually a ton which is cool. Beacon / VG / Americka / NOVY YORK / Torment Mag, at this point it`s just super awesome to see riders who care and companies that care about the culture enough to put resources into making projects like these. As far as riders go… there are just too many to name.

World´s Longest Rail?
Just watch Behind The Beam by Justin Meyer:

Add anything else you want to add?
Thank you snowboarding!