Joe Sexton

Joe Sexton has been a driving force behind the urban/park snowboard scene over the last decade. Known to most snowboarders as the one pushing the limits of what is possible in the streets while filming for his next video part, and always searching for a way to progress snowboarding on and off the mountain. Joe has filmed more first and last parts than most of today´s active snowboarders, but this has never affected his humble and comic personality. L1´s current mastermind Jon Kooley has always been a fan of Joe´s snowboarding and attention to detail on and off the board - so when the opportunity to join up together with L1 came about - the two of them made it happen.

“I’ve known Joe for quite some time, filming together for several years from People to VG. Joe has been a great friend, as well as an inspiration over the past decade, I have watched Joe grow from a hungry kid filming his first part into an icon within the snowboard industry. Joe has a true love for snowboarding and the endless pursuit of perfection. I’m very pleased to have him join the L1 team and I look forward to his insight and creative perspective.” – Jon Kooley

How many years have you been snowboarding?
Probably like 19 years or something, I lost track

What´s your home mountain?
Bear Mountain / Buck Hill

What’s the reason you started snowboarding?
It was the only thing my twin brother couldn't beat me at. When I was younger I tried every sport (hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis, go karting, underwater basket weaving) then snowboarding came along and my brother couldn't participate, so I was all in haha! My first time snowboarding I fell in love with it. I remember jumping off a bump my first day riding and felt like I was 20 feet in the air. In all reality I was probably really like 2 feet, but I still remember that feeling.

What’s the reason you keep on snowboarding?
It´s the only thing that keeps me sane, haha! I don't know its hard to explain, I feel like I am always thinking of spots or ideas for new tricks. I am really stoked that after all these years I still have that passion.

How has snowboarding changed over the years since you started filming for the Technine movie, about 10 years ago?
There has been a lot of progression with tricks and everything like that. Also maybe a couple changes in the fashion department, haha my personal fashion. Things have changed a lot on the media side since then, I remember back then there was no Instagram or anything like that. You were filming for a part, and that was pretty much all anyone was going to see of you that season. Now it seems like you can have instant access to it all, things have a little bit less shelf life. Time will tell if this is good or bad, I think as long as people are snowboarding and going on trips and working on some sort of project than it´s alright.

Why did you want to start riding for L1 Premium Goods?
L1 has always just appealed to me, it´s along the lines of the types of clothing and snowboard gear I like to wear. I have always thought it has been a cool small crew of team guys who all bring something to the table. Always admired that they were not scared to take some risks with the outerwear and projects they made.

Has Jon Kooley been an influence in your snowboarding over the years? Is that part of the reason you have been into L1?
YES! I think that is a bit of an understatement. Jon was one of the first people I can remember seeing in videos doing something different, and that really had an effect on me. I would watch his video parts over and over. LOVE/HATE was such an inspiration for me. I couldn't believe that years later I would actually get to go film with him, and even crazier that all these years later we would end up working together with L1 Premium Goods.

How do you see yourself contributing to L1?
I am excited to be involved with gear design and really sit down with Kooley and nerd out, haha! I hope I can contribute with some new ideas - we have already started talking about stuff. I am just stoked to be snowboarding and filming and keeping all this going. Thanks for backing me Jon!

You have been making some changes over the past few seasons, an example is starting Public Snowboards, what’s the reason behind this?
I just wanted to try something different. I got to this point where I just felt this urge to try something new and take a risk. I had an idea and people in mind who I really wanted to be involved and just went for it. It´s been an awesome experience so far.

Is Public a way for you to give back to snowboarding? Or is it a get rich quick approach?
I think it`s a way to give back. Definitely not a get rich quick approach. I like the idea of really being able to connect with a customer, and making that person truly feel apart of something. I try my best to respond to everybody who sends us messages, and I appreciate anybody who is supporting us and riding the boards.

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped on the current state of the snowboard community and/or direction?
There are actually a ton which is cool. Beacon / VG / Americka / NOVY YORK / Torment Mag, at this point it`s just super awesome to see riders who care and companies that care about the culture enough to put resources into making projects like these. As far as riders go… there are just too many to name.

World´s Longest Rail?
Just watch Behind The Beam by Justin Meyer:

Add anything else you want to add?
Thank you snowboarding!