Jeremy Jones Interview

You grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, which became one of the freestyle meccas of snowboarding. Some people would suggest you were one of the main reasons for this. - How and at what age did you get into Snowboarding?
THANKS!! Means a lot to hear I get put in that category of SLC street scene and it’s a success, by some.

I guess I was 12- Skateboarding in the winter, I learned sucked. It was so painful, the bushing was cold and hard, wouldn’t turn, board snapped like crap, just stiff and hard to be fluid. Somehow we got the idea to screw Tire Tube straps to a skate deck backward and sans trucks. We started bombing my homies gully in his back yard. That was our intro to ‘snowboarding’. By the next season, I had learned a little more about it and bought a BlackSnow Edge. Got pretty real after that!

You have been a pro snowboarder for longer than some pro snowboarders have been alive, what motivates you to keep on going and how do you keep your creativity flowing?
I've had great support to be able to keep going for 1, with my previous and current day sponsors. It simple though. I fell in love with getting shots and building a timeline every year. It fed me so much, I still never really want that to end. I know one day it will, so it’s just a matter of finding a new lane in the same world ya know? Going to still do it, I need it, just going at it a little different these days.

Skateboarding, motorcycles, and snowboarding seem to have played a huge part in your life, why do you think that is? What other parts of your life have become more important to you lately in and outside of snowboarding?
All fun things to do for me, adrenaline based a bit, lots of mental work to be safe (mostly), I like that. My health has become huge, I want to keep shredding and skating forever, being told I won’t, was such an unacceptable thought. But because of that idea, now that I’ve passed that and can roll and slide even just gingerly... I’m so stoked and never want to take that for granted again, just the simplicity in shredding and finding flow. That’s what I appreciate these days.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give 18 years Jeremy Jones?
Be a better student in school. Try to open up to more things and not so hyper-focused on my Pro Snowboarding. It’s also what got me to this point.., so I say it with slight hesitation cause I don’t regret anything.

What's your favorite part about snowboarding and what´s your favorite part about life currently?
Snowboarding has always been about friends, about style, and feeling. I think that’s my favorite part of life right now as well. Friends and Family! Rebuilding and finding my style again and appreciating other styles more. Feeling what’s around me more, enjoying every bit of it as I can.

What is your current L1 Premium Goods Kit?
The Theorem Series (Alpha Jacket and Huron Bib) for daily riding up on the mountain and the Stooge Jacket and Aftershock Pants for cruising Rail Gardens, the park, and the groomers.