Truly melding the worlds of fashion and function

The 20k Standard

Evolving our definition of premium by incorporating 20k/20k as our standard level of waterproofing and breathability through out the vast majority of our line. Premium quality starting with a baseline of high quality weather protection at any price point.

“For us, premium quality is key. It solidifies us as a stand-alone brand within snowboarding, taking care with even the most minuet details sometimes overlooked.
As we chase this ever-changing definition of premium, we decided to incorporate 20k/20k waterproofing throughout the vast majority of the line. Not only offering the refined fits, unique fabrics and attention to detail you’ve come to expect, but also a performance aspect.
Truly melding the worlds of fashion and function.“
- Jon Kooley

“The fact that I can count on my outerwear to have the 20k standard protection, allows me to choose whatever piece I want to wear for the day without having to think about protection, I know its going to be there and I can choose the fit and style I want instead.” – Dominik Wagner