Luke Lund

Whats your nickname? 


What month is your birthday?


What are your current side projects or passions?

Current side passions include skating surfing and arbory work

How many years have you been snowboarding?

14 years

What´s your home mountain?

I grew up riding Ski Gull, Brainerd Minnesota. But the current home mountain is Brighton!

What’s the reason you keep snowboarding?

Not sure what else I'd be doing honestly. I think it has to do with a feeling, tough to pinpoint though.

What does your L1 set up look like this year?

Rankin pants only, usually black, but next year's gear is looking damn good. As for the jackets i'm a big fan of the diffuse layering system.

Do you like the cinched pant leg cuffs the L1 pants?

Not sure which pants you're referring to. But I think the button on the rankin pants could be taken out, I don't think it makes sense to have it there.

How has your snowboarding evolved the last few years?

I've been riding a lot more powder in the last few years. Other than that I just try to have as much fun as possible.

What movies or edits can we see you in this season and where can we see it?

New L1 project on the horizon, dropping this fall. Other than that I have a couple clips in some homie projects, and a couple Salomon projects coming out as well.

In what way do you want to give back or express yourself within snowboarding?I think just being a part of the community is enough, but I worked at High Cascade snowboard camp this past summer, I think that's a great way to give back to the snowboard community. Especially because that place was my introduction to snowboarding in all of its glory.

Who are the people in snowboarding right now that keep you motivated and hyped on the current stat of snowboarding community and/or direction?

All my close homies who I ride with on the regular. But with that being said, I stay motivated whenever I see a new video that gets me hyped.

Whats your favorite thing about L1 Premium Goods?

The team, the gear, and the good times we have when we're filming. Makes it seem like more of a family then anything else.

Is there anything else you would like?

Just have fun with it, and keep an eye out for the project coming this fall!